Although not widely used, the car dash cameras have been in this market for quite some time and if you still have not got one, it is high time to invest in one. Cars are expensive, so is human life –Period. So, whether you are a newbie or have been driving for several years, keeping your car and lives safe from any unfortunate or careless accidents will be your prime concern.

At the same time, constant monitoring of the road never hurts especially if you are in the back seat. Toguard brings a wide range of dash cams that are compact in size, stylish in look and versatile in use. Here are the reasons why you and your car need one –  


Record Your Road Trip Automatically

There is no need to strain your hands and shoulders while holding a camera for long hours during the road journey. You do not even have to leave the steering wheel while driving because the Toguard dash cams record footages continuously as you start the ignition. From the industry standard 1080P and 2160P to 4K, the video quality of the cameras will never let you down and you will get detailed crystal clear videos. 


Stay Safe From Rear End Collision

Undoubtedly one off the main reasons to buy a dash camera will be to keep track of the traffic easily so that accidents can be avoided. The best part about the Toguard dash cameras is the G-sensor that gets automatically enabled during any collision and locks the footage so that you can provide evidence for legal purposes and insurance claims. Toguard CE80B, for example, offers full screen image of reverse parking area so that you do not bump onto something.


Wide Angle Footage Both During Day And Night

You will get wide motion detecting range of 120 degrees with the Toguard dash cameras that reduce the shooting blind areas. The cameras can capture the interior of the car so that you can record the journey with the passenger(s) in it. While bright detailed video is guaranteed during daytime, the super night vision makes sure that nothing gets unnoticed in low light conditions.    



24 Hour Parking Mode For Monitoring

With 24-hour parking monitor, the Toguard dash cameras can help you keep track of any unwanted motion around the car including any attempt to break in or vandalism. The loop recording feature is useful for continuous shooting and overwriting on the old footages so that the memory card space is not exhausted.


Waterproof And Safe From External Damage

Although there is hardly any chance of rain inside the car, the IP67 waterproofing and dustproof features of the Toguard cameras will make sure that the camera and the footages are safe from accidental spillage, gust of snow and drizzles entering through the rolled-down windows and also sudden collision. Cameras like Toguard C200 even come with low voltage protection so that the battery does not get easily discharged from long-time shooting. 

Apart from these, the dash camera is easy to install with given accessories like wire, trigger cable, cable clamp, adhesive sticker and cup mount. From wide dynamic range to motion detection –the Toguard dash cams are here to stay with brilliant features that make the journey safe and enjoyable.