Have you finally decided to add a dash camera for car to add security and convenience while driving and parking the car? While some dash cameras can be easily attached over the existing rear view mirror, some come with adhesive stickers and suction cup mounts so that you can add the camera wherever required on the windshield.


toguard dash camera


While some are just like a car mirror, some are more like small camera with a display. If choosing your suitable dash camera gets a bit complicated, follow Toguard to check out a plethora of options. Here are the top three cameras that you should consider –


Toguard C200 Dash Camera


With Sony Sensor offering 4K resolution for front camera and 1080P resolution for back, the car driving recorder will help you get clear footages of road signs, car drivers and license plates. Apart from loop recording to save the storage space by overwriting on old footages, the camera has emergency lock with G-sensor that detects the collision, shake or sudden jerking and saves the footage from being deleted accidentally.



The front camera covers a wide field of view with 170-degree wide angle while that of the rear camera is 140-degree. This is the best dash camera in its price range to offer 24-hour parking monitor while being connected to a hardware kit. What is even better, the in-built super capacitor prevents explosion while operating seamlessly in temperature range of -40 to 1580 F. This camera with six HD glass lenses and F1.8 aperture has a three-inch display.  


Toguard CE80B Mirror Dash Cam


Acting as the rear view mirror camera with 12-inch display, the Toguard CE80B mirror dash camera boasts of smart voice control that turns the audio and screen on and off, shows the rear camera, locks the video and so on. The Sony 415 UHD sensor offers 4K video to be captures from the front camera and 1080P video from rear camera. The remarkable feature of the camera is the GPS logging that records the driving route and speed information by receiving signal and makes sure that there is proper evidence of your driving session.


toguard dash camera


What makes way for convenience is the reverse parking assistance that has 160-degree wide area coverage on rear side to reduce blind spot and helps in parking with assistant lines. As the best dash cam 2022, it comes with G-sensor, 24x7 parking monitor and super night vision with 6-glass lens, Starlight Starvis sensor and large aperture of F1.8.   


Toguard CE63 Car Backup Camera  


toguard dash camera


If you are looking for a dual lens dash camera at an affordable range, the Toguard CE63 dash camera can be a perfect choice with 1080P resolution for both front and rear side. With external GPS logger, the camera has features like loop recording that works in perfect accordance with G-sensor so that on one hand, old footages are overwritten by new ones and in case of any collision, the footage is delete-protected.


This car backup camera records the real-time car location and also captures footages within a total of 340-degree field of view for both rear and front side. The super capacitor has extreme temperature resistance so that the camera works in all climatic conditions. The three inch screen displays all the information while driving and turns off as you turn the ignition off.


Apart from these, you can also check out other models like CE41A 1080P backup camera, CA711 backup camera, CE45 Uber dual dash cam and CE18A Mini Dual dash camera.