Many customers have bought video security camera but don’t know how to install it, especially some home users. Because the number of camera is small, if you hire professionals to help install , the installation fee will be not more and maybe nobady will do it. It's not cost-effective. This artical teach you how to install a security camera. In fact, only the following steps are required.

Get your gear ready

Eight steps to easily install a home camera:

1. Choose the location where you want to install the camera.Take out the security camera bracket, prepare tools and parts: expansion plugs, screws, screwdrivers, hammers, electric drills and other necessary tools; according to the predetermined installation position, check the size and model of the expansion plugs and screws, and look at the bracket Whether the screw and the screw of the camera base are suitable, whether the embedded pipeline interface is handled well, test whether the cable is unblocked, and enter the installation procedure when ready. Under the condition of meeting the requirements of the security target field of view, its installation height: indoor ground clearance should not be less than 2.5m; outdoor ground clearance should not be less than 3.5m.

2. For the installation of the security camera, carefully install the lens according to the pre-determined camera lens model and specifications (the infrared integrated camera does not need to install the lens), and be careful not to touch the lens CCD (sensor) with your hands. After confirming that it is firmly fixed, turn it on power, connect to the host or use a monitor or small TV on site to adjust the focal length of the aperture.

3. Fix the security camera, take out the bracket, expansion plug, screw, screwdriver, small hammer, electric drill and other tools, and install the bracket according to the predetermined position. After checking that it is secure, install the camera in agreed direction.

4. Installation of the camera shield, if you need to install the shield, after the second step, install the shield directly from here. 1. Open the upper cover and rear baffle of the shield; 2. Pull out the fixed metal sheet to fix the camera; 3. Put the power adapter into the shield; 4. Reset the upper cover and the rear baffle, and straighten out the cables , fix it and install it on the bracket.

5. Install the camera BNC head or aviation head, insert the welded video cable BNC plug into the video cable socket, and confirm that the fixing is firm. The security camera and its supporting devices, such as lens, protective cover, bracket, wiper, etc., should be installed firmly, operated flexibly, and should be protected from damage and coordinated with the surrounding environment.

6. Connect the power supply, insert the power output plug of the power adapter into the power socket of the security camera, and confirm the firmness. In a strong electromagnetic interference environment, the security camera installation should be insulated and isolated from the ground.

7. Connect the video host, and connect the other end of the cable to the control host or monitor (TV) to ensure it is firm.

8. Adjust the camera to the best position, turn on the power of the monitoring host and the camera, and adjust the camera angle to the predetermined range through the monitor. In addition, the installation of all control, display, and recording terminal equipment of the security camera should be stable and easy to operate. Among them, the monitor (screen) should avoid direct exposure to external light, and when it is unavoidable, take measures to avoid light. The equipment installed in the console and cabinet (rack) should have ventilation and heat dissipation measures, and the internal connectors and equipment should be firmly connected.


Install the video security camera according to the above eight steps, and a simple video security system is complete. Customers who have no installation experience need not worry anymore. If the installation does not display normally according to the above steps, can see if there is a problem with the wiring. If there is no problem, then take camera down and test it. The above security camera installation experience and steps are limited to the installation of household and some small security system.