Have you ever wondered about how amazing it would have been if your car rear view mirror could capture the road outside? Isn’t it hard and almost dangerous to handle your Smartphone or camera in one hand and the steering wheel in another while regular gear shift is necessary? It is understandable that you might want to freeze the memories of the road journey or want the route to be monitored for security or as insurance against false accident claims.

The Toguard CE13 Touch Screen Dual Lens Mirror Dash Camera for car can be considered as the best option for those looking for a versatile car accessory.


toguard dash cam


Smart Features For A Smooth Experience


With the dash camera, Toguard offers you a sense of safety and handiness to capture whatever lies ahead and on the rear end. Here are the reasons why the CE13 mirror dash camera is the best in class –


  • 1080P + 720P FHD Video Offered


The Toguard CE13 car driving recorder makes sure that you can read the license plate, small road signs and other minute details on the road while driving, thanks to its 1080P resolution for the front camera and 720P for the rear backup camera.


toguard dash cam


  • Parking Assistance With Wide Angle View


You will get clear HD review of the reverse direction with this car backup camera that automatically shows the parking area in full screen view when you have engaged the R gear. While the front camera covers 170-degree wide field of view, the rear backup camera covers 120-degree –enough to remove blind spots and showing a wide view of the area for parking.


toguard dash cam


  • 3 Inch Touch Screen


This rear view mirror camera is just like your regular rear view mirror and has a large 4.3 inch interactive touch screen. The user-friendly interface makes way for intuitive operation and quick recognition. You can easily swipe the display and view the footages easily.


  • Loop Recording And G-Sensor


The sensitive G-sensor automatically detects any sudden jerk, shake or collision and saves the footage of that time as locked for providing evidence of the accident in case of insurance and legal cases. This best dash cam 2022 also offers loop recording that overwrites the oldest files except the locked videos by G-sensor to capture new footages so that the storage never runs out.


toguard dash cam


  • 24-hour Parking Monitor


The dash camera offers parking monitor for 24 hours so that you can keep track of whatever happens after you leave the car. In case the car shakes or meets with an accident or attack, the G-sensor automatically detects it and turns on the camera automatically even though you are not in car. As the best dash camera it will record a short video and lock it as evidence to be checked later. You can also add the hardware kit if you need parking monitor for longer time.

The Toguard CE13 dash camera is waterproof with IP68 rating and installation is quite easy with the rubber straps included in the package. For installing the backup camera, you need to tie the included red wire into 12V backup lights.