TOGUARD Backup Dash Camera is the most well-known and sophisticated gadget that could be the ideal companion for any car trip. The sophisticated design and superior performance guarantee a best driving experience with the security of the driver and the vehicle too. With the rear camera and front cameras, you will feel the latest advancements in technology by using this gadget. In this article, "TOGUARD Backup Camera' we will take a look at the complete information about this device and the way it can be a valuable tool to every car owner.

toguard dash camera


When purchasing any item one of the primary things that people usually think about is the specifications and their capacity to produce the desired outcomes. For mirror dash cameras too the specification part is vital since it will be responsible for recording the entire journey and providing security to an driver and an individual.

From the design of the camera to its resolution, and motion detection, it's packed with top-quality components that could remain a trusted friend for many years. To give you a complete information about this TOGUARD backup camera, here's the information about its capabilities.

toguard dash camera


It is the main element of a gadget since it draws customers' attention to it and entices them to purchase it. The There are no products available. is a well-designed gadget with an easy-to-use interface. It's a compact mirror dash camera that can be moved easily between locations. It features an IPS technology and stunning edge design to give a larger and more clear perspective than other mirror dash cameras. It offers a smooth experience for every drive. It also captures crucial events, particularly when there is an accident or another accident.

The device allows users to take advantage of the live recording which you can view while driving. The interface is also great it's easy to navigate and use, and allows you to create an array of functions in the menu. The iron body, together with the 2.5D anti-glare glass mirror that is advanced gives you a fantastic view and a great touch experience. The one-key switching system makes it easy to switch between various view modes, including full-screen display for picture.

toguard dash camera

Camera Resolution

The resolution of the camera is a crucial factor to consider prior to buying a mirror-dash cam. The reason for this is simple: the camera needs to be able to be able to record video and later be used for future use. Additionally, the clarity of each frame of a photograph and the quality of video depend solely on the resolution on the camera. The No items identified. It has two cameras, i.e. it has two cameras, on both the side of the vehicle, both front and back. 

The rear and front camera has dual cameras to monitor traffic movements on both the front and back of the vehicle. This will ensure extra security and safety to both you and your vehicle. Both cameras are working simultaneously and display in the display.

The camera on the front is equipped with Full HD 1080p to capture clear and sharp videos. It comes with a 170-degree wide-angle lens that allows for a clear front-view recording. Its rear camera features resolution of 480 pixels and a wide 120-degree view for secure and safe reversing especially when parking. It is waterproof and has a body that isn't damaged by adverse weather conditions. Another benefit is that the mirror on the front dash cam continues to function even when the rear camera isn't functioning. Lens of front cameras can also be adjustable and can be rotated it until you get the best area of vision.

toguard dash camera


Reversing is the most innovative and recent technological advancement for this device. A majority of people experience difficulties when reversing their cars because they lack knowledge about the process. This means that the car is either scratched or worse, can cause damage to the car or could endanger the lives of others. To prevent this from happening and provide a safe solution, TOGUARD has launched the reverse feature to make an effortless reverse during parking. It also comes with reverse camera kits for secure parking.

If the vehicle is in reverse mode it's back-view camera changes to an HD display the reversed image and also reverse assistance using line assist. It makes it less necessary to glance behind and simplifies reverse-reversing tasks with the aid of guidelines. The gadget also features an emergency G-sensor mode that allows for recording. The sensor will automatically lock the video recorded when it detects a incident or collision. It also offers evidence to identify the root cause of the accident and present the incident to police officers.


LCD Screen

The display screen on LCD screens of the mirror dash camera could be a crucial element when you are looking for a top-quality device. It should be of the right size and quality in order to ensure seamless performance while using the camera. The crisp and modern display makes recording simpler and faster. It allows you to record every moment with ease. The majority of Dash Cameras offer these features to the users. They also give a fresh design to the camera and improves the recording experience.

The There are no items found. It has a wide and clear touchscreen. It's much larger and clearer that its LCD touchscreen display. It features an IPS touchscreen with 7 inches which is huge and responsive. It also is stunning. It creates the impression that you're viewing the video , pictures as well as replay on the mirror and is a touchscreen-sensitive. It gives you an unobstructed and expansive view of all recorded videos and of your live recordings. It also assists during the reverse process and depict the objects to ensure an easy and safe parking.

toguard dash camera


Another aspect to take into consideration when buying the purchase of a Dash Cam is its storage capacity. The reason for this is that it's memory stores all of the video recordings , so that users could use it in future purposes. If the memory is good it will be able to compile many images and videos.

If it's not that big and is able to capture only five or six videos, it may be a pain for users to clear the storage each time prior to making use of it. It can hinder the overall experience on devices and can be seen as the main negative. However, this issue isn't found in the products we found. because it has a good capacity for storage, but it's not huge as when compared with other dash cameras.

It is compatible with Class 10 MicroSD cards with up to 32GB, which you must purchase at the marketplace. The benefit of this non-standard memory capacity is the fact that it comes with a loop recording capability. It is able to automatically replace the oldest video when recording a new one. This means that the storage space for old videos will be replaced by the new video. But, this only happens at the point that the MicroSD card does not have enough space. This helps users not miss a moment.

Another function that can save memory can be motion-detecting. The recording begins within ten seconds of detecting any motion. It helps to save space on the memory card to an extent and is utilized for recording new videos.


A Quick Overview 

  • A crystal clear display that features an ultra-wide 7-inch IPS touch screen.
  • Full HD 1080p front cam with a wide-angle view of 170-degrees lens and 480p rear camera with a view of 120 degrees.
  • An attractively designed device that has a simple navigation interface that allows for simple and comfortable use.
  • Reversing Camera Kit that allows for easy parking.
  • The Parking Monitor as well as the G-sensor to ensure enhanced safety while driving.
  • Simple installation process
  • Available at affordable price