If anyone stole an item from your front porch or smashed into your car when you were on your driveway, they was likely to have disappeared long ago before you realized that you were the victim. It is also possible that you never discovered the person who did the crime. If this is a familiar scenario then you might want to invest in a security camera for your outdoor area.



The smart security camera made to withstand the elements of snow, rain, and extreme temperatures, usually connects to your Wi-Fi network at home and let you view live footage of events taking place outside of your home. They also notify you to your mobile when there is something or someone in the vicinity, and record footage of the incident, and, depending on the features allow you to talk to anyone who is in your home and all without having to open your doors.


The most effective security cameras for your home that you can purchase today


Toguard 1080P Waterproof Solar Security Camera


  • IP65 waterproof

The solar security camera powered by solar is completely waterproof, frostproof lightning-resistant and dustproof. It can stand temperatures of 20degF to 50degF and not worry about its durability and stability.

  • Signal optimization to ensure a stable connection

To avoid losing connections and delays in recording to avoid recording delays and lost connections, the wireless camera comes fitted with a base station which can be connected to up to four cameras. When you connect the base station with the router it is not necessary to join the camera with WIFI cables or complicated network configurations. 


Once you've inserted the SD memory card (not provided) to the base station, and the memory card is filled it is possible to replace the SD card, without removing the camera.

  • PIR . Intelligent Motion Detection

With smart PIR Motion detection, as well as detection of human bodies it is possible to avoid false alarms that are caused by insects or branches. When an unusual event occurs, the system informs you instantly and transmits the information as pictures. Videos so you can take immediate action.

  • More compatibility

The outdoor wireless security camera can be used for the both IOS as well as Android phones, meaning you can view your home's security in real-time and respond immediately.


  • SD storage card

The security camera at home can support a 128G SD card (not included) to reduce the chance of losing the lens. In the fully secured Amazon Cloud, you never need concerns about data privacy issues.

  • Display in real-time for several users simultaneously

Sharing your camera with your family members in real-time is a wonderful way to cherish memories. All you need to do is sign in to an app account to share your camera. This can be done by either scanning the QR code, or signing into your account.