Baby monitor cameras are not necessary for every family, but if you want to see whether your baby's activities are safe at any time, baby monitor cameras are better choice. So, how do parents choose when buying a baby monitor camera?

Baby monitors have long been composed of two devices: a camera and a connected screen. It can be controlled from different phones, any people etc.

We reviewed some factors that should be considered when choosing a camera for babies:

Camera quality
This is essential because it will become the basis for everything else. Ensure the quality of the camera so that the image is completely clear, and also ensure that the camera has infrared light so that it can be seen at night when there is no light in the room.
Two-way communication
You can talk to the baby through the camera to calm the baby down, or you can play music or whatever you want from the other side.
A better option is that you don't have to plug in a power source, although this section will depend on the use of each house or the layout of the relevant house. For example, you can easily place it in another bedroom.
Sleep mode
It will be very interesting if they enter sleep mode without plugging in. If the current connection is disconnected, the "sleep mode" prevents the battery from draining quickly.

Display type
There are some options, including your own monitor and other options, that allow you to control the camera through an app on your phone. Controlling the baby monitor from the app is more practical than controlling it from your own.

For example, if you want to see it when another person is at home in the office. Or just because it would be easier to do so.
If you are not connected via app or WiFi, please check the coverage or range of the camera in case the house is too big or the floor is too high and it is lost from another floor.

If the image works through an application or similar application, please check the security of the monitor camera that will be used.


Please allow me introduce this product:Toguard AM30 Video Baby Monitor ,it's with Camera 3.5 Inch Screen Infant Wireless Transmission.

This product satisfies the above-mentioned basic features, in addition to some intelligent features. For example, the automatic feeding clock will let you know the time of feeding regularly; Temperature monitoring allows you to easily pay attention to the temperature in the baby room.It's a good helper for parents.