If you are looking for a high quality professional dash camera for your vehicle, you can choose to check out one of the newest models of toguard 2022 - the Toguard RM02 11-inch full touch screen with split front lens dash camera

Read on to find out if this dash camera is good value for money.

Toguard RM02 11-inch Full Touch Screen with Detachable Front Lens dash camera Features

The RM02 is one of the latest dash camera that has all the aspects and features any user would want: stylishness, user-friendliness and high-quality video recording.

Dual Full HD 1080P dash camera

This model is a dual channel dash camera with one front camera and one rear camera. Both front and rear car cameras are equipped with 6 layers of glass SONY sensor IMX335 calibrated with proven technology to bring the most realistic and clean video quality. At the same time record the car before and after the lens 1080 full HD video, the front 170 ° + after 140 ° wide angle, covering 5 lanes, so that driving more safely. Very beautiful images and videos can be played directly on the dash camera screen, with images clearly displayed just like on your phone and computer.

360° rotating separated front camera

One of the main highlights of the RM02 dash camera is that it has a 360° rotating split front camera. Why a split front camera? Compared with the traditional rear-view mirror dash cam, the detachable front camera can be installed where you want and the angle you want to adjust. Most of the traditional front cameras are connected with the main screen and mounted on the rear view mirror, Because the driving recorder is too heavy, it is easy to shake, which affects the recording effect of the picture. In order to avoid the instability of the picture, Toguard has developed this separate independent front camera, which is separated from the main screen and will not affect the video shooting due to the shaking of the rearview mirror, which perfectly solves the problem of picture shaking.

 It also supports 360° flip lens, you can see the front or inside view of the car if you want, it comes with a long enough cable that you can install it anywhere you like. It is very suitable for taxi use and meets the monitoring of the front and rear of the car. This is also one of my favorite designs.

The best 11’’ mirrored driving recorder screen

Have you ever found that 10’’ dash camera, sometimes the screen feels too small and crowded, making it impossible to see the road conditions,The 12’’ screen is too long and the line of sight is blocked. 11’’ mirror is the best size for most vehicles, it can be a good view of the road in front and behind the vehicle, but also to avoid too large screen obstruct your view, it is a perfect size choice.

F1.8 Large Aperture

The RM02 uses the same F1.8 large aperture as the RM05. As you know, the function of the aperture is to determine the amount of light entering the lens, the larger the aperture, the more and brighter the light entering the screen. So even when there is glare during the day, you can still see the picture effortlessly and can effectively prevent glare. In addition, it is equipped with a wide-angle 170° front camera and a 140° rear camera that covers at least 3 lanes of traffic. It has a wider field of view than a standard dash camera. This gives you a better view and greatly reduces blind spots, and helps you avoid blurred mirrors on both sides due to rain and fog to ensure your safety on the road.

Full Touch Screen

The main dash camera also has a two-inch color display and five multi-function navigation buttons below, plus one for capturing emergency videos. The buttons are clearly marked and the menus are well organized for easy navigation and control. Swipe the screen left or right or click the toggle button to display the front camera preview image, the rear camera preview image, and the front camera preview image + rear camera preview image on the same screen, and the three preview images can be looped. In addition, the new dash camera system humanized, can manually touch screen a number of functions, simple operation, fast response time of the system, reduce part of the function setting time and operation trouble.

What are the functions of the touch screen?

  • Record sound
  • Switch the front and rear camera preview screen, or slide the screen left and right to switch.
  • Video playback
  • Video recording.
  • Take photos.
  • Lock video
  • Set related functions.
  • Slide the brightness bar to adjust the brightness of the screen backlight.
  • Time
  • Recording status
  • Gravity-sensitive status
  • SD card status
  • Power status

No need to worry about the opening and closing of a certain function, the screen can see the status of each function; very convenient and easy to operate.

Other features

In addition to the features mentioned above, the RM02 also has features that are familiar to many dash cameras on the market today. Here are some examples of familiar features you may see in other similar products today: ①G-sensor; ②Loop recording; ③Video playback; ④Parking assistance; ⑥Waterproof design; ⑦Parking monitoring, etc.

Loop recording and gravity sensing

Recording can be set up for different time loops of 1/2/3 minutes. G-Sensor, which automatically locks the lens in the event of a collision. It uses loop recording, old footage can be automatically overwritten by new footage, but G-sensor can automatically detect impact and lock emergency video without overwriting. Allows you to provide strong evidence when dealing with emergencies.

Parking Assistance

When reversing, Mirror dash camera immediately displays the rear camera in full screen by default and automatically shows the parking lane.


Upgrade the rear camera, fully potted process, with the highest level of IP68 waterproof and dustproof rear camera, can record clear video in rain / snow / fog and other climatic conditions, do not miss important video recording.

Parking Monitoring

Turn on the parking mode in the menu, the recorder will vibrate in the off state. The recorder can automatically turn on and record 30 seconds according to gravity sensing induction, then turn off. When stop mode is not on, the recorder will not start due to vibration. (The file will be locked, and the locked picture will be saved as a special file and will not be looped.) This function is off by default.


Finding the perfect innovative and professional dash camera is one of the challenges that most drivers face. You have the option to check out new products that definitely meet your expectations. tougard RM02 impressed me with its unique split camera design, high definition video picture, and very user-friendly features.

Always protect yourself from all kinds of roadside accidents. Make sure you always have a trustworthy dash camera by your side. By doing so, you can rest assured that you will never be held responsible for something that is not your fault. With the Tougard RM02 , you are sure to get all of this and more.


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