Toguard has released the RM series of 2022 dash cameras. They are RM05 4K 12" touch screen WiFi front and rear mirror camera with voice control; RM03 10'' full touch screen 3 channel front and rear mirror camera and RM02 1920P *1080P 11'' full touch screen front and rear mirror camera with detachable front lens. In this review, you'll learn about the features, specifications, and benefits of the RM03 10'' touchscreen 3-channel in-car front and rear view dash camera so you can see if the unit is good value for money. 

TOGUARD RM03 10'' touchscreen 3-channel front and rear view mirror dash camera

1080P HD front recording

RM03 is a 3-channel dash camera, providing 170° front camera, 120° interior camera and 160° rear camera, video resolution are: front camera: 1920 * 1080p; interior and rear cameras are: 1280 * 720P. dash camera large angle to reduce blind spots while providing the clearest view, greatly improving the driving safety and reliability. And these two front cameras capture HD video much better than ordinary cameras. This is especially useful when identifying faces in the event of a crime or accident, even at night, and you can rest assured that you have a spy camera in your car to record everything that happens around you.

10" Touch Screen

The RM03 has a 10" touch screen. Swipe the screen left or right or click the toggle button to switch between displaying the front camera preview image, the center + rear camera preview image, the rear camera preview image, and the center + rear + front camera preview image on the same screen, and the four preview images can be cycled through. (Note: video shooting and recording will not be affected in the process of adjusting the screen)

What are the touch screen functions?

Record sound

Switch the preview images of front and back and middle camera, or slide the screen left and right to switch.

Video playback

Video recording.

Capture photos.

Lock video

Set related functions.

Slide the brightness bar to adjust the brightness of the screen backlight.

Infrared night vision function

Ordinary cameras can't capture details at night. But this dash camera has an infrared night vision function that allows high quality recording even in the absence of light. The camera is able to automatically increase exposure in dark conditions to clearly record passenger footage, license plates, etc. It also has a night vision mode. Users can turn it on or off to change the frame rate of the video, depending on the incoming brightness at night, in order to bring the video and screen display to a starlight level of brightness.

Screen saver

This dash camera also comes with a screen saver that automatically displays the date and time on the right side of the screen.

Parking Monitoring

When the recorder is turned off, it is vibrated and the recorder can automatically start the machine and record for 30 seconds based on G-sensor sensing, and then turn off. When the parking mode is not on, the logger will not start when it is vibrated (this screen will be locked. The locked image will be saved as a special file and will not be rewritten.) Default is off.

Gravity Sensing

In the case of a serious vehicle collision, the recorder will lock the current image data at the time of the accident and the unlock icon at the bottom of the display will automatically change to locked; the locked image will be saved as a special file and will not be cycled over.

Other features of Toguard RM03

The model unit has the following additional features compared to a noRMal dash camera: loop recording, automatic clip saving, stop assist, clock setting and LCD auto shutdown. It also comes with two mounting options. It also supports SD cards up to 256GB. But the SD card is not included in the box. So, if you like to travel long distances, choose the maximum capacity to record and capture more memories on the go.


For your car in case of an accident, it will be helpful because the recordings can serve as good evidence. In order to capture every detail of the road ahead, these devices are properly placed and can serve as an important preventive mechanism for accidents caused by reckless and dangerous drivers. At the same time, it can help the authorities to punish the real culprits as soon as possible to the maximum extent. And it enhances the driver's sense of responsibility and accountability.

With its excellent features and specifications and reasonable price, TOGUARD 10'' RM03 dash camera is definitely a good choice. If your goal is to record the highest quality video during the day or at night, then this dash camera is perfect for you.


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