What if your conventional rear view camera could capture footages of the road ahead? Believe it or not, some of the Toguard dash cameras are created just in the model of rear view mirror, but with the addition of camera so that the entire road journey can be captured. Choosing the best dash cam 2022 that can act as mirror to capture both the interior to the car and outside can be a bit confusing. Let’s have a look at the mirror dash cameras offered by Toguard and what to look for while buying –


Detachable Front Camera –Toguard RMO2


toguard dash camera


Offering 1920x1080p videos with Sony sensor and 11 inches full touch screen, Toguard RMO2 has detachable camera that can be separated from main unit to monitor in real time. You can place the front camera wherever you like on the windshield and swipe right or left for switching between rear and front views.


Voice Control Commands –Toguard CE80B


toguard dash camera


As car driving recorder, the Toguard CE80B camera comes with 12 inches full touch screen, GPS and 4K video resolution for front camera to ensure the best picture quality. It has Sony 415 sensor and smart voice control to turn on audio, turn off video, lock video, show rear camera etc.


Parking Assistance –Toguard CE70


toguard dash camera


Considering the 2.5K resolution and GPS tracker, the Toguard CE70 rear view mirror camera can be a great option with backup camera. Apart from super night vision, 12 inches touchscreen and smart voice control, the camera has 170-degree wide field of view to reduce blind spots. With safe parking assistance, the camera angle while reversing and driving can be adjusted just by swiping the screen. On connecting red wire to positive lead, the parking line automatically comes out.


HiSilicon Chip –Toguard CE60H


toguard dash camera


Toguard CE60H can be considered as the best dash camera with waterproofing, adjustable display, parking monitor and 10 inches full touchscreen. Offering 2.5K ultra HD resolution, the camera has 6-glass lens with large F1.8 aperture for brilliant night vision. Its exclusive HiSilicon chip with advanced sensor offers great capabilities of image processing, stable video, great quality of video and quick response speed.


One-Key Switching –Toguard CE35A


toguard dash camera


The Toguard CE35A dash camera for car has a seven inch touch screen for displaying recordings at 1080P resolution at front view and 720P resolution for rear view. This waterproof camera offers 24-hour monitoring, G-sensor and reverse parking assistance. The one-key switch design lets you choose from 5 viewing modes and once you turn off the display, it can act as a regular mirror of rear view.


Loop Recording And G-Sensor –Toguard CE13 And CE34


With 5 inches touchscreen, the Toguard CE13 offers 1080P video resolution, auto recording and parking monitor. Apart from its reverse parking assistance, one, three and five minutes of new videos being overwritten on old footages in loop recording makes this camera a perfect accessory. At the same time, CE34 car backup camera offers 1080P front and 720P rear video resolution with 4.3 inches touch screen. Besides parking monitor and assistance, it has G-sensor that detects any collision and protects the footage from deletion.


You should also make sure to check the installation process of these mirror dash cams as some come with rubber brackets to be attached on top of the existing camera while some have adhesive for attaching on the windshield.