If you are new to the world of dash camera and have lots of questions before adding this accessory to your car, worry no more as Toguard dash cams are here for consideration. It is better to clear all your doubts before investing in a camera and finding it incompatible with your expectations. First things first, Toguard makes the dash cameras as compatible with all car models in the market and while looking for cameras, you should check out the collections without worrying about compatibility.


toguard dash cam


However, as there are many options and with different features, here is the detailed FAQs to help you get started –


Question: Do I need a dash camera?

Answer: By all means yes. You need a dash camera for sake of ensuring safety to the car passengers, driver and also the fellow travelers on the road.

Question: Why is dash camera useful?

Answer: Dash camera acts as the rear view mirror and features footages from both the rear and front of the car.

Question: How does dash camera work?

Answer: Dash camera is attached on the rear view mirror and it works on battery to capture footages of front and back of the car along with the car interior.

Question: Can dash camera be used for travel vlogging?

Answer: Of course. The dash camera can be used as a mounted travel camera to capture the scenery ahead.

Question: Does dash camera capture the video of car interior?

Answer: Yes, you can change the angle of the Toguard camera to face the interior of the car.

Question: Do you need good image quality for dash cams?

Answer: The Toguard dash cameras support image resolutions from 3 MP and VGA up to 12 MP for better picture quality.

Question: What is the best video resolution for dash cameras?

Answer: 4K is the best video resolution for video and Toguard dash cameras support 4K, 2.5K, 2K, 1080P video resolutions.

Question: Does dash camera work continuously?

Answer: Yes, you can choose accordingly.

Question: Can you change the angle of the dash camera?

Answer: Yes

Question: How can you power up the dash camera?

Answer: Use the mini USB cable and external power supply for powering up.

Question: Can dash camera record audio?

Answer: Yes

Question: Does dash camera work at night?

Answer: Yes

Question: Does dash camera work in the rain?

Answer: With IP68 properties, it is waterproof and dustproof.

Question: Does dash camera support external memory card?

Answer: Yes, use at least 32GB SD card.

Question: What happens if the storage runs out in the camera?

Answer: With loop recording feature, the dash camera overwrites old footages to save storage.

Question: Can you get the footage if your car has been in an accident?

Answer: With G-Sensor, the camera automatically locks the footage of accident on the memory card to be retrieved later, even after the accident.

Question: Can dash camera work even while the car is parked?

Answer: When parking monitor is switched on, the camera will work during parking.

Question: Does dash camera support wide angle view?

Answer: Yes, 170-degree wide field of view is supported by the dash camera.

Question: How can you install a dash camera?

Answer: With mounting rubber straps, you can attach the camera on the rearview mirror in a non-destructive way.


Hope these will clear your doubt regarding the dash camera. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Toguard to check out the range of dash cameras.