Dash cameras are so common, but there are still people hesitating about whether it is necessary to buy one.

Let's say it that, it is better that every car is equipped with a dash camera, but for the function of the dash camera,editor's opinion, I like the simple function.

Based on such a mature dash cam market, it is best to find a good-reputation brand, such as apeman, Byakov,Toguard etc..

Why install a dash camera?
Anti-collision porcelain and facilitating accident liability determination, this should be the most important function of the dash camera.

In many areas, the installation of GPS systems is mandatory for the five types of vehicles (dangerous goods transport vehicles, passenger vehicles, logistics vehicles, buses, and taxis). For example, passenger transport and dangerous goods transport also need to install on-board video recording. The dash camera for private cars is equivalent to a simplified version of these professional on-board recording systems.

What kind of dash camera is worth buying?
Stability is the most important evaluation index for automotive electronic products, and the same is true for dash camera. So when you choose a dash cam model, give priority to choosing a stable product, rather than a product with many functions.

From my personal point of view, the most important function of the dash camera is to record the picture while driving. Stable and clear recording are the factors that must be considered. Under these two prerequisites, you can choose other functions according to your own needs.

Parameters that must be considered when purchasing a dash camera

It is determined by the resolution of the video recorded by the dash camera. The video resolution of mainstream dash camera is generally above 1080P, and the higher ones are 1600P and 2160P (4K). The higher the resolution, the higher the requirements for the image processing chip. The cost is naturally higher.

The sharpness when the light is insufficient, that is to say the sharpness of night vision, the biggest influencing parameter is the aperture of the lens. Generally, the larger the aperture, the higher the sharpness when the light is insufficient.

Wide angle
The wide-angle is not as big as possible. If the wide angle is insufficient, the recorded picture will be narrower, and the condition of the side lane may not be visible. If the wide-angle is too large, the picture distortion will be serious, and it will look very uncomfortable during playback. The mainstream dash camera, the wide angle is around 140 degrees, we can use 140 degrees as a reference value.

Intelligent voice control
Some execution actions of the dash camera can be controlled by voice, such as recording, taking pictures, etc. In fact, there are not many scenes in use.

Collision lock
In the event of a collision, the front and rear video recordings are automatically locked. This is basically a standard configuration.

Parking monitoring
Many dash cameras are a bit tasteless, use this function long-term can easily cause the battery to lose power. At present, some brands adopt the method of time-lapse video recording, which can save parking monitoring space and reduce the damage to the battery. In addition, you should pay attention to whether you need to purchase additional accessories when purchasing. Basically, you must purchase a hard wire kit for parking monitoring.

GPS track
You can review the driving track through the mobile phone APP. Some brands have built-in GPS modules, and some need to be equipped with a GPS box.

Whether to bring display
There is a display screen for easy viewing of playback at any time. In actual use, if the function of connecting to a mobile phone is done well, it is not meaningful to have a display screen.

In conclusion, looking for a good brand that meets some essential elements, combined with personal preferences, which can almost buy a good dash camera for your car.