If you’re hunting, monitoring or concerned about at home security, outdoor technology a popular solution. As with most technology in the 21st Century, there is an array of technologies that any hunter, home or business owner can pick from when looking for a camera.

The decision to buy the best and most affordable camera that will be durable might seem difficult because of the options. Lets have a look at the TOGUARD Trail Camera and find out if it is the best buy for you or not. 


When buying anything in life you always look for value for money. You look at what will give you more features and what these features are. This camera has many features meaning it will be a wise investment.


Firstly the camera is equipped with a 14MP camera and a 1080P FHD video, with crystal clear recording. The resolution of the images and video are beautiful because of the quality of the camera. The images and videos collected during the day are in color and at night it is black & white.

The trigger speed is 0.3s with a 3 PIR sensor. For the hunter or wildlife enthusiast, this means not missing a single second of an exciting moment. The 3 PIR sensors also give you the ability to detect movement from almost every angle. This feature is indispensable for hunting and game observation. 


Rugged Construction 

Because this is an outdoor camera, special attention was given to the waterproof mechanism. It’s by far the best waterproof technology used on a camera of this nature. The camera is dust, drop and rain-proof. It has a protective case that ensures that the camera is protected from the elements.

Easy to Use

The last and most important feature to mention, is the ease of use. When you take this camera out of the box it’s ready to use. There is no need to start-up or setup. It is also battery operated with eight 1.5V AA batteries, so no fancy and expensive batteries are necessary. The only extra is an SD card (size up to 32GB). 

Motion Sensor  

The camera has a wide angled lens, 120° to be exact, and 75ft night vision range of distance. The range of the lens allows you to take amazing shots when it comes to game viewing or hunting. For the home owner worried about security, it will cover a large piece of your garden. The night vision range means that when you’re asleep no moment or movement is lost.

The camera doesn’t have a full night vision or thermal camera but an LED light that illuminates the area for camera capturing. The LED light throws out a largely invisible light to a distance of up to 75 feet. 

Battery Life and Timer

The battery life is better than any other camera on the market. You can take about 1500 images and the batter will still be at full charge, according to a customer review. The timer that you can set will also conserve battery life and save you money & time replacing batteries.

The camera also has a long standby time, meaning that the camera will be ready to use and captures images & videos in no time without impeding the integrity of the batteries. 

As stated above the camera uses eight batteries in full use, however the manual allows for the use of four batteries for a shorter batty life if you want to. If you don’t like the idea of batteries there is a connector to use external power. 

Uniqueness of The Camera 

The camera is small in size and so it makes for a good aesthetic look; it won’t affect the look of your home and is inconspicuous for hunting. Each picture and video have a temperature, date & time stamp at the bottom of the image to provide you with all valuable information.

The camera doesn’t come with a built-in streaming option or Wi-Fi locater to stream the video or images. On the plus side if streaming option is left out, it will result in many hours of videos because of battery conservation.

All you simply need to do is pop out the SD card and pop it into your computer and download the images & video. 

Uses for the Camera 

The camera can connect to a tripod or can be mounted using hinges and the swivel arm allows you to mount the camera on a wall or tree. The rugged build of this camera and its affordability means that it can be used for security around your home and when hunting or game watching.

The versatility of the camera allows you to mount it anywhere, and it has a wide camera range for increased clarity in the images.

The affordability gives you the opportunity to use it for more than just hunting as it’s practical as added security.