What is Toguard's security camera app

"CloudEye" is a free and trusted Toguard security camera app for your home, babies and pets. It turns your smartphone, tablet into a networked IP camera. It provides event detection, alerting and cloud logging capabilities. No need to buy equipment, no messy wires, you can install "CloudEye" on your device in less than a minute!

Your recordings are safe, free, and have no time limit for recordings. All recorded videos are saved in cloud storage. In addition to automatic recording for event detection, you can record video continuously as storage space allows. You can easily upgrade your cloud storage for more space if needed. Super easy to set up! There is no need to configure your device as a camera or a viewer, the app can be used as both a camera and a viewer.

Data Security

When you install "CloudEye" on your device, you will be prompted to allow or deny access to information such as your location or photos the first time you try to access it, and you can change your authorization at any time afterwards. "CloudEye" has no access to certain types of data on your device at all, and no application has full access to all of your data. "CloudEye" also requires your consent to add sharing and uploading information. You can also choose to grant permissions to all light apps. The identity of the participants is known only to those who were invited and accepted to share privately. Campark said the app does not share user data with other companies or organizations, and data is encrypted in transit.

Why use base stations?

1) The solar security camera is matched with the base station. (Note: The camera cannot be used separately from the base station) Customers only need to download the "Cloud Eye" APP, scan the QR code on the base station, and the APP will automatically display the images of multiple cameras. A mobile phone can view multiple cameras at the same time through the base station, and will not miss every corner of the home.

2) The base station can insert 128G SD card to store video, which can avoid solar camera theft and video loss. The base station is safer and easier to operate than inserting a memory card directly into the camera. Automatically overwrite when the memory card is full, no need to re-install.

3) The base station is connected to the router to provide a stable network reception environment and enhance the signal returned by the solar camera. 24 hours effective real-time monitoring of your property.

If you want the camera to be connected to a monitor, use an HDMI converter. We recommend using a security camera with an HDMI base station. For example: toguard SC04 solar security camera. It can be connected directly to a monitor and can display uncompressed native picture quality directly.

How does the base station connect to the network?

1) A local network and router are required to generate wifi, please make sure you already have internet and router in your home.

2) Please use this product in an environment with Internet access.

3) Please use the included cable to connect the base station to the router, then plug the power supply into the base station.

4) The base station will automatically turn on, and since then, the base station can complete the connection to the network.

How to download the APP

  1. Download the APP

Scan the corresponding QR code on your mobile phone or search for "CloudEye" in the App Store or Google Play Store to download and install the software. PLEASE NOTE: To ensure proper functioning of the APP, please allow your smartphone to have notification/location permissions.

  1. Register

Launch the "CloudEye" APP and register with your email address. Note: Please use an available email address. Select the correct country code.

  1. Turn on the camera and base station

Power on the camera, use the included power adapter to power on the base station, the base station will automatically turn on. Note: Before using the camera for the first time, please charge the camera for 5 hours using the supplied power adapter.

How to add base station and camera in application?

Make sure that the base station and the router are connected correctly, please start the "Cloud Eye" APP on your mobile phone, and find the "+" icon on the clock to add the device. Scan the OR code on the base station to read the information of all the security cameras connected to the base station in the mobile phone.

How to connect base station and camera?

Follow the steps below to add a new camera to the base station:

  1. Turn on the camera's power.
  2. Open the cover under the camera, press and hold the "Reset" button for 5 seconds, until the camera prompts "Reset successful to start matching code"
  3. Press and hold the Sync button on the base station for 5 seconds to start matching codes. After hearing the voice prompt, the base station will prompt that the code matching is complete.
  4. Within 1 minutes, the camera prompts "pairing code successful", and the base station prompts "WiFi pairing successful".
  1. The camera is added to the base station successfully, you can change the settings and configuration of the camera in the "Cloud Eye" APP;

So far, you have completed the connection between the APP, the base station and the camera, and you can set the camera in the APP. Through the mobile phone, you can view the monitoring screen in real time, receive alarm text messages, view and download videos, talk to the camera, and share with family members.

APP function display

How is cloud storage charged?

It is free to download and use "CloudEye" on mobile phones, and the first month of cloud storage is free. The first month of using "CloudEye" is free. Please refer to the table for the specific cost of cloud storage for one camera.

Cloud storage fee for IOS users:

Cloud storage fees for Android users: