Whether it is foggy on the road or the traffic is heavy, the dash camera for car can be a useful accessory to make sure that you do not come across accidents. What makes these dash cams so worthy is that unlike the conventional rear view cameras that capture only the tings on the reverse side, the portable cameras capture everything that is in the front, rear and also the car interior.

Toguard has made sure to maintain industry standard in its array of dash cameras and there are cameras of different price range. If it is the first time you are upgrading the car mirror and unsure about what to buy, here are the best five dash cameras under $100 –


Toguard CE18A Dual Mini Dash Cam


toguard dash cam


With 1080P front camera and 620p rear camera, the Toguard CE18A captures a field of view of 170-degree and 140-degree respectively. Brilliant motion detection is guaranteed along with the G-sensor that makes sure that any footage captured in time of an accident is not deleted or overwritten. Clear footage at night can be obtained with the help of WDR night vision. Without any distortion or dead angle, the small rear view mirror camera can monitor three lanes. With IP68 waterproofing, the camera offers loop recording and parking monitor.


Toguard CE34 Dual Lens Touch Screen Dash Camera


Toguard dash camera


Acting as the rear view mirror attached on the existing car mirror, the Toguard CE34 touch screen dash cam has 5-inch touch screen for adjusting camera angle and direction. Full HD footage is offered at 1080P resolution with 170-degree ultra wide angle coverage. The 2.5D seamless glass panel is water and scratch resistant. While the backup camera of this car driving recorder offers assistance while parking and moving in reverse direction. Apart from loop recording, it has G-sensor and parking monitor that come handy in case of any accident.


Toguard CE56 4K Dash Camera With GPS


Toguard dash camera


With the supreme resolution of 3840x2160p from 6-glass HD lens, the 4K dash camera will never compromise with the video quality especially when there is an option to adjust the white balance easily. At 170-degree field of view, the car backup camera comes with 1-inch LCD display and an external GPS that lets you track the vehicle from anywhere. In case of scratch, dents, theft attempt and collision, the G-sensor and parking monitor with vibration detection is helpful. 


Toguard CE63 Dual Lens Dash Camera


Toguard dash camera


As one of the best dash cam 2022 models, Toguard CE63 dual lens camera has a 3-inch display and GPS recorder for seamless tracking of vehicle. Offering 1080P resolution videos from both the front and rear cameras, it covers a wide field of 170-degree +170-degree from both the cameras. While G-sensor protection keeps the footages captured during any external attack or damage safe, loop recording makes sure that the storage never runs out and old footages are overwritten.  


Toguard CA711 Rear View Monitor With Back Up Reverse Cam


Arguably the best dash camera kit, Toguard CA711 rear view monitor and reverse cam has 7-inch LCD display and camera with 18 infrared LEDs that offer amazing night vision with low light compensation. This 360-degree rotatable camera is IP67 rated waterproof and can be adjusted with remote control. Available with 6-lens glass, the camera captures at 120-degree wide angle and supports two video inputs. 


Toguard dash camera


Apart from these, there are also other options like Toguard CE13 dual lens camera, CE50 4K dash cam, CR50G Ultra HD dash cam, CE41A 1080P camera, CE35A Dual Lens Dash Cam and CE18A Mini Dual Dash Cam.