Are you tired of using the boring and conventional rearview mirror of the car while driving? Do you find it impossible to hold a camera or mobile phone in hand to capture the videos while driving? Well, if your answer is yes then it is high time to upgrade your car accessories and install a rear view mirror camera that can capture both the inside and outside of your car simultaneously.


toguard dash camera


The Toguard CE45 Uber Dual Dash Cam can be your perfect option with its manually changeable lenses. Get 1080P full HD video of both indoor and outdoor with WDR technology. Available with 3M adhesive sticker and suction cup, this portable camera can be installed in two ways.

All You Need To Know About Toguard CE45 Dash Cam

The Toguard CE45 Uber Dash Cam can be considered as the best dash cam 2022 for its functionality and convenience. Let's have a look at its reviews -


toguard dash camera


  • Brilliant Video Quality With Wide Angle Coverage


With 1920x1080p video resolution, the dash camera has a shutter speed of 30fps so that detailed and clear footage can be obtained. Advanced sensor of Sony Exmor IMX323 makes the Toguard CE45 a great accessory to cover a wide area of 170 degree inside and outside the car with both lenses.


toguard dash camera


  • Offers Parking Assistance And Monitoring


While offering intuitive assistance to park by showing the area on the reverse direction, the Toguard CE45 is the best dash camera to provide a 24x7 parking monitoring. With motion detection feature, it will capture anything suspicious happening around and to the car.


toguard dash camera


  • Supports Loop Recording And G-Sensor


Coming with a memory card slot, the camera captures everything on the SD card inserted by you and it keeps on capturing on loop so that in case the storage runs out, you do not miss out the important moments.

 The G-sensor is the best part of this dash camera for car as it automatically detects any collision or external disturbance and makes the footage of that particular moment delete-protected to be accessed later on for insurance claims and legal proceedings.


  • LCD Turns On And Off Automatically


The three inch LCD display offers a compact look to the camera while showing the footages of car license plates and drivers, as well as car occupants inside the car. The screen turns on automatically whenever you start the ignition and starts recording. The screen saver function turns off the display while driving so that it does not distract you.


  • Superior Night Vision Observed


The car driving recorder camera boasts of super night vision with exposure compensation and high-tech sensor. The F2.0 6-glass lens captures anything happening inside the car while the F1.8 aperture 6-glass lens captures the view of the road ahead.


toguard dash camera


  • Lets You Exchange Lens Manually


The Toguard CE45A car backup camera lets you turn on lens exchange to switch between the A and B lens direction.  The backward facing A lens will capture the interior to the car and the front-facing B lens captures outside the car i.e. the road. You can manually switch lens direction before switching on lens exchange for correcting image direction.


There are three modes of video recording i.e. normal, motion detect and loop record while with the in-built microphone, you can decide to record audio or not.