Today's society is an information society. In this society where information flows at a high speed, the internet has become an indispensable channel. Online shopping is something we can't leave without! There are countless shopping websites. Today I recommend some good reputation's shopping websites, you can save money absolutely. Let online shopping no longer confused.

Website information summary (ranking without distinction):

1. Free goods and gift websites

giveaway555: This website is definitely a rising star,it's for people who want to experience good products free.Click here to get more information.
Ilovefreethings:Publish free gifts every day, there are often good stuff, some need to fill in personal information or join a member.
coupons :Free coupons website

2. Shopping cash back or gift card websites
Ebates:It is a well-known shopping cashback website, a must for almost everyone in the US.
Extrabux : It supports rebate withdrawal to credit card, has a Chinese page, Chinese customer service, supports Alipay, and is relatively friendly to Chinese.
TopCashBack :It(the highest rebate) was originally in the UK, now there is a US station, and there is a Chinese version. This websites with rebates generally have the highest rebates, and Top Cash Back lives up to its name.

3. Life-saving strategies websites
money saving : There are a lot of discount coupons and good ideas to help housewives save money.
KrazyCouponLady : It contains numerous discount coupons.
CurrentCodes: It helps you find coupons for all online stores.
Raise : Discount gift card trading website, you can also sell gift cards you can’t use up here, but there is a handling fee.

4. Discount information websites
CamelCamelCamel:  This website specializes in providing the history price of all Amazon products, teaching you how to buy the products you need at the lowest price.
Dealnews : America's largest information discount website.
Monoprice : It has the cheapest electronic and technological products.
Dealupa : It gets all the daily discounts.
slickdeals: Discount information website, mainly in electronic technology category.
Dealmoon: North American Money Express, Chinese discount information website.