Are you finally planning to buy a dash camera for your car? Are you finding it hard to provide proof for an accident to your car? Do you need a versatile accessory that can both monitor and capture? If the answers to the above questions are positive, it is time to get acquainted with the world of Toguard, where you get an array of dash cameras with different properties.


toguard dash camera


From adding a sense of safety for the rear side to capturing footages ahead of the car, from capturing videos inside the car to using as parking monitor –there are multiple facilities that a dash camera offers. As there is no dearth of options, you should consider the following main features while buying the camera –

Video Quality With Field Of View

You would not find a dash camera useful if it captures videos at low quality like that of conventional CCTV cameras. The industry standard for video resolution is now 1080P and Toguard makes sure that all its dash cameras support 1080P videos for both front and rear cameras so that you do not miss even a tiny detail like license plate of a car or the face of the driver.


toguard dash camera


Cameras like Toguard CE45 even supports WDR footages for brilliant color with details. At the same time, it captures within a wide field of view of 170 degree so that blind spots are reduced and more area comes in coverage.

Parking Monitor With Assistance

Even though you may not remain inside the car, its security will still be guaranteed by the parking monitor that makes sure that even a slight motion is detected. You will need dash cameras that have parking monitor to avoid vandalism or attempt of theft in your absence.


toguard dash camera


At the same time, it will ensure that when the car is parked and some other car bumps into it, it is recorded for legal proceedings or insurance claims. The Toguard cameras also come with rear parking assistance so that you get parking guidelines in full screen to park easily and safely. 

G-Sensor And Loop Recording

One of the most important features that you will need in the dash camera will be the G-sensor that not only detects a collision but also protects the footage of collision from accidental deletion. In case of hit and run, the G-Sensor makes sure that even though your car is damaged, the footage remains safe in the memory card.

Another feature to look for along with G-Sensor is loop recording that overwrites old footages (excluding locked footages by G-Sensor) so that you never run out of storage in the memory card.

Compatibility And Easy Setup  

Last, but not the least, you need a dash camera that is compact in size to be compatible with any car model and can be easily installed without damaging any existing part of the car. Available with mounting straps and wires, the Toguard dash cams just need to be mounted on the existing rear view mirror with the help of rubber straps and the wire to be connected to backup lights.

Apart from these, you should also consider buying a dash camera that is waterproof and dust proof so that the dust, dirt, debris, snowflakes and raindrops entering through the car door or window cannot harm the camera or footages. Check out the Toguard dash cams that are IP68 rated waterproof and offer convenience with non-destructive installation.