Dash cams provide a second set of eyes for the streets of today. In contrast to a driver the dash cam is always aware of the events taking place, and keeps an accurate record with a date stamps as well as GPS coordinates. There are a variety of aspects to take into consideration when selecting a dash camera for your vehicle, including whether you'd like a front, front/interior or rear/front model.



Dash cameras are developing quickly. A basic front-facing camera can provide a minimum degree of security and is far superior to any other type of security. However, while the simple dash cams only show the front of a car, and show the view from the windscreen and some are offered in pairs or as an alternative to the kit or as an upgrade with an additional rear-facing camera that can observe what's happening behind.

Best dash camera 2022

Toguard C200 4K Dual Dash Cam Features: 



  • HD video recording: Toguard C200 has a dual-camera that has the front camera being 4K, and the 1080P rear camera. This allows it to clearly record road signs, license plates and other vital information. Additionally is that this feature can be used in the dark it is uncommon for dash cams in this price point.


  • HD-quality Night Vision: Toguard C200 comes with an Sony camera, six high-quality glass lenses as well as an F1.8 large aperture lens. So even in low-light space without an additional light source, it's simple to capture crisp and accurate color images.



  • 24-hour Monitoring of Parking: Per the manufacturer's website the camera is able to provide 24/7 monitoring of parking, with low-voltage automatic power-off and shields the battery from losing power. The standard length of the camera's rear cable is 19.5ft however, you'll be able to purchase an extended 27ft cable through Toguard If you need it.


  • High Temperature Resistance with Super Capacitor: Unlike most dashcams on the market, this one is powered by an ultracapacitor, not lithium batteries. The supercapacitor is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, ranging from -158degF up to -4degF, offering greater security and longevity longer as compared to lithium-ion battery-powered dashcams.



  • Loop Recording: Real-time recording continues uninterrupted and there isn't a frame loss, or second loss. Toguard automatically erases previous recordings when the memory card becomes full, which saves memory space and headaches.


  • G-sensor: The camera's gravity sensor is built in and will record an video in the event of collisions to avoid the video from being rewritten even when recording in loop.


  • Mini 3" display Dashcam: Style-wise, it allows you to keep the original appearance of your vehicle. Toguard C200 also comes with a suction cup bracket that tends to be more solid. It doesn't fall off during summer it doesn't damage the windshield, doesn't hinder the line of sight and doesn't occupy the rearview mirror that was originally installed and ensures security.




Final Verdict

Overall overall, it's a great product. Toguard C200 offers a variety of features in a compact and budget-friendly package. This is ideal for those who are Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare driver or are driving a school bus , or other passenger vehicle in which you need to monitor the road as well as the passengers.