The dash camera 2021 is an instrument used to record related information such as images and sounds during the driving of a vehicle. There are many benefits of using a dash camera for car. To put it simply, there are four points: to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the driver, to quickly determine the responsibility for traffic accidents, to deter illegal and criminal behavior, and to record the normal driving process. In general, the dash camera best 2021 cannot prevent and eliminate various illegal and criminal situations, but it can provide you with favorable evidence at these special moments. It is recommended that every car owner install one. This article will introduce the dash cams in detail from the following 4 aspects.

8 best dash cams in 2021

The function of the dash camera

Types of dash camera

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The best dash cams 2021 at a glance:

1.Toguard CE70 dash camera

2.Toguard CE80B dash camera

3.Toguard CE45A 4K Dual Dash Cam

4.Toguard CE67A WiFi 2160P+1080P Dual Dash Camera

5.Campark DC40 3 Channel Dash Camera for Cars

6.Campark DC30 Dash Cam

7.Campark DC20 Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual 1080P Car Camera

8.Campark DC35 Dual 1080P Dash Cam

8 best dash cams in 2021

1.Toguard CE70 dash camera


Adjustable Rear View Angle and Brightness

The backup camera is easy to set the best angle and brightness by swipe the screen up or down. You also can swipe screen to switch front and rear camera while recording and driving. The lens of front camera can be swivelled.

Smart Voice Control

The backup camera will recognize the specified command when recording. It’s more convenient and safer while driving. You can take pictures, lock video, turn on/off screen, turn on/off audio, start/stop recording without touch the display.

High Resolution in Day and Night

The mirror dash cam with 2.5k+1080p front and rear camera records clear video in day and night. 12 inch big screen makes it clearly read the license plate of vehicle behind or in front of you. The waterproof rear camera is available to work in raining day, assuring accident or insurance claim.

24 Hours Parking Monitor

There has three options (High/Middle/Low) sensitivity at parking monitor function. The dash cam will turn on automatically and take 20s video then lock it when detect vibrations, which ensure 170°front and 140°rear protection when you leave the vehicle unattended.

2.Toguard CE80B dash camera


★4K UHD and Starlight Night Vision of this rear view camera are provide crucial details to back you up in an unexpected incident.

★Smart Voice Control System of this car camera is hand-free operation, easier and quicker to operate.

★GPS with Speed and Location, exactly know when/where the events happened.

★Safe reversing aid and parking monitor, dash cam keep an eye on your car when reversing and parking.

★G-Sensor lock emergency video on dashboard camera as important evidence.

Know it more from Toguard CE80B dash camera review

3.Toguard CE45A 4K Dual Dash Cam


Wide Angle Dual Dash Cam

With a 170° front facing camera and 170° rear facing camera in one body. This dash cam shots both front and inside the cabin simutaneously, perfect dash cam for taxis, Uber, rideshare, lyft drivers, commuters, and families, provides drivers and passengers with optimum protection.

4K Front and 1080P Inside Dash Cam

An advanced processor and image sensor provide clearer image quality. The dash cam offers 3840*2160 Ultra HD resolution, captures your driving moment vividly. Showing strong evidence by crisp and smooth videos when the incident happens.

Motion Detection

When an intruder wanders in front of your car, the front dash camera for car will start recording automatically if in standby mode.

Seamless Loop Recording

Powerful loop recording will record video in 1/3/5-minute clip, and automatically overwrite the oldest UNLOCKED file when your micro SD card is full. Free your hands from manually canceling unnecessary videos. Important clips will be locked in a separated folder and will not be overwritten.

4.Toguard CE67A WiFi 2160P+1080P Dual Dash Camera


24/7 Parking Monitor

The car security camera will turn on and record outside and inside for 30s when detects bump or impact. Built-in battery provide 24 hours protection when parked.

Night Vision Car Cabin Camera

Advanced Sony IMX335 Sensor and IR LED night vision facing camera for exceptional low light sensitivity producing exceptionally clean and sharp videos and images in low-light condition, easy to record the driver and passengers inside.

Wide Angle Dual Lens Dash Cam

The top rated dash camera 2021 has a 170 degree front lens captures the whole road and license plates in front of you from the edges of your windscreen, and the 150 degree interior camera with IR LED enhances in car at low light environment, helping with insurance claims.

Screen Saver with Time and Speed

This dash cam gps has a user-friendly design to show the date/time and current speed as the above picture while keeping recording, which lets you manage your driving speed and time at a glance while enjoying the driving.

5.Campark DC40 3 Channel Dash Camera for Cars


24 Hours Parking Guard

Monitoring your car condition for 24 hours with continuous power supply. Motion detection automatically record once it detects movements, while G-sensor will activate the cam and record when there is a collision. Hardwire kit is needed for this function.

All Round Recording

The DC40 uses 170° front camera, 120° inside camera and 140° rear camera to simultaneously record all directions around your car, and the inside camera lens is 45 degree vertically rotatable for best viewing angle.

Sony sensor

With high-performance Sony sensor, a F1.8 aperture 6-glass lens observing road front, IR cabin camera and rear camera, this car camera is perfect for rideshare drivers such as Uber, Lyft and Taxi.

6.Campark DC30 Dash Cam


360° Rotatable

360° rotation and 150° tilt allow you to find the ideal angle to record every driving moment. Besides, this dash cam supports up to 256GB micro SD card.

Amazing CPL Filter

The circular polarizer for this dash cam protects the front lens from finger prints, scratches and dirt destroying; cuts off reflections and glare from glass or shiny surfaces; makes colors appear saturated, and increase the authenticity of the picture.

Front and Rear Wide Angle

With 170° front and 130° rear ultra-wide dual lens, DC30A dash cam can provide you a full view of 5 lanes of the road, which eliminates the blind spots of your vision and provides greater security.

24 Hours Parking Monitoring

The dash camera for cars will automatically record a short video when it detects a sudden bump or impact, providing your car with 24-hour protection. Hard wire kit is needed for this function. Please contact Campark support team how to get it.

7.Campark DC20 Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual 1080P Car Camera


Dual 1080P Front and Rear

This dash cam simultaneous 1920x1080P front and rear FHD recording, and matching F1.8 large aperture at the same time, you no longer have to worry about the lens blur, provide maximum protection for your car, drivers, and passengers.

Dual 170° Wide Angle

The front and rear camera itself comes with a 170 ° wide-angle, the around of car body is recorded in FHD 1080P at a range of 340 °, minimizing reduce angle obstacles and blind spots.

Emergency Lock

The front and rear cameras will automatically lock the video when the driving recorder collides, avoiding the video being covered when detecting sudden shaking/collision, providing you with the most reliable evidence.

Loop Recording

Loop recording will automatically overwrite the oldest video, so you don't need to worry about the SD card is too small and running out of space.

8.Campark DC35 Dual 1080P Dash Cam


GPS Tracking

Built-in GPS tracker automatically grabs and records vehicle’s location, driving speed, route, and other information for you to playback on HIT GPS Player by PC.(download link can get from manual or the file written after inserting your SD to dashcam.)

Support 256GB SD Card

Compark DC35 dual dash cam supports high-endurance micro 256GB SD card (high-speed U3 or above, Note: Not include SD card), ensuring more space for dual recording 1080P video. Save more excellent trip scenery or important files, and useful to track back older files. Don't need to format frequently SD card, keep recording longer.

Galaxy core GC2053 Sensor & WDR

Dual FHD 1080P@30fps car camera equipped with WDR technology provides true colors of objects to the greatest extent. such as driving into the sun or oncoming traffic headlights at night.

At the same time, the front camera with 6 glass lens, F 2.0, and Galaxycore GC2053 Sensor capture every vivid moment such as license plates and road signs clearly even at night.

The function of the dash camera

From the appearance style, the purchase direction of the driving recorder is roughly determined. Let's briefly talk about the functions of most driving recorders on the market. This part is mainly divided into two aspects of the hardware and software of the driving recorder to introduce.

Hardware function

The hardware of the driving recorder is mainly composed of a lens, a screen, a speaker, a microphone, an indicator light, a function button, and a power cord.


The most important part of the many components is the lens. The quality of the lens will directly affect the image clarity, wide-angle size, video image file size and other qualities.

Wide angle

In theory, the wider the wide angle of the dash cam, the wider the scene captured. However, as the wide-angle angle of the driving recorder becomes larger, the distortion of the shooting picture becomes more serious. Basically, all the dash cams currently on the market have a certain degree of distortion, but the situation is different from one to another. Generally, a wide-angle size of about 140° is sufficient.

Video resolution and pixel count

In many cases, whether the video records provided by car owners are clear enough is a key factor in whether the records can be used as evidence. Regarding the image quality of the driving recorder, in fact, it is mainly the resolution of the lens. The most common driving recorder is 1080P. The shooting effect is already very high, enough to use, you don't have to deliberately pursue high resolution or even high pixels. The number of pixels corresponding to the 1080P image is exactly 2.1 million (1920 × 1080 = 2.07 million, plus some wasted at the edge of the sensor). No matter how many pixels there are, the sharpness increase is not obvious, but because the average brightness of each pixel decreases, the night vision effect becomes worse. Focus on overall performance, not be confused by the size of the numbers. In addition, how to distinguish whether the lens is of good quality? Just look at the frame rate of the product. Basically, it needs to reach a rate of 29 frames (FPS) to ensure better definition.


There are usually three types of F-values ​​of the dash cam's aperture: F1.8, F2.0 and F2.2 respectively. The calculation method of the F-value is: F-value = lens focal length / lens aperture diameter, so the number behind F-value The smaller it is, the larger the aperture diameter of the lens is. Among the several aperture F values ​​mentioned above, the aperture of F1.8 is the largest.

The biggest advantage of a large aperture is that it allows us to shoot bright images even in dark scenes (such as night scenes). In the case of the same exposure time, the larger the aperture of the lens, the greater the amount of light that enters, and the brighter the picture will be.

When the external light is brighter, there is often no need to enter too much light. In this case, it is easier to shoot images with appropriate contrast and higher definition by using a small aperture. In addition, when other parameters remain unchanged, a small aperture can also increase the depth of field, reduce the degree of background blur, and make it easier to make objects with different distances appear clearly together.

Therefore, for driving recorder products, it is obviously unreliable to blindly pursue a large aperture, and more attention should be paid to the performance of the photosensitive element, the adjustment of parameters and the software algorithm. In other words, as long as the photosensitive element of the driving recorder is powerful, well-tuned, and the software algorithm is accurate and efficient, even if a small aperture is used, it can still shoot good (or even better) images.


Because the rearview mirror and cloud mirror need to replace the original rearview mirror of the car in the installation position and fixing method, in terms of the screen, in addition to the size of the screen, it also needs to have anti-glare and multi-layer coatings. Better user experience.

Microphone and speaker

The microphone on the driving recorder generally has two purposes: one is used to record audio in the video, and the other is mostly used for voice control. Therefore, the microphone may need to cooperate with the software to ensure the filtering of environmental noise and the elimination of echo.

Due to the noisy environment such as wind noise and tire noise during the driving of the car, chats between people in the car, and music or broadcasting played by the car machine, the speakers in the driving recorder basically become a tasteless. Generally, only two kinds of driving recorders with software interactive, such as cloud mirror and light car machine, will use speakers to return execution results or perform related audio playback. There will be another better method for this kind of audio output.


The sensors are the most basic competitiveness for the current driving recorders on the market. The general approach is to use gravity sensors and gyroscopes to determine whether an accident has occurred in accordance with the magnitude of the vehicle body vibration, so as to automatically record and save the video before and after the accident, and the accident video will not be automatically overwritten by default. The light sensor can automatically adjust the screen display according to the brightness of the light, and the acceleration sensor can cooperate with the GPS module to complete a series of calculations and ADAS functions.

Types of dash camera

There are many brands of driving recorders on the market with different functional positioning. According to the appearance and function type, it is roughly divided into 4 categories and 5 categories:

Light vehicle machine type: In fact, it is similar to the floating central control screen of the current automobile manufacturers, and the function is basically similar to the cloud mirror, and the difference is mainly reflected in the fixed method. The purchase cost is basically the same as the cloud mirror.

Hidden: The most compact driving recorder, so it is also very concealed after installation. Of course, precisely because of its exquisite size, this type of driving recorder is generally not equipped with a display screen, so there will be no software integration in the equipment system, and there will rarely be third-party firmware modules to support it. The purchase cost is high and low.

Mini portable: The volume is between the hidden type and the rear-view mirror type, and it has a small display screen that can be used to display and play back surveillance video. It is usually fixed with suction cups or 3M glue during installation. There will also be expansion of hardware modules such as GPS, GPRS, and tire pressure monitoring.

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Rearview mirror type: the largest volume of the driving recorder, the general direct fixing method is directly stuck on the original rearview mirror of the car, depending on the situation, increase the strap to fix it. The imaging range of the original rear-view mirror can be increased, and the rear-view mirror can be replaced with a display screen at the same time. But the disadvantage is that if you want to use the display, it will reduce the usability of the original rearview mirror. Most manufacturers will also add practical hardware modules such as GPS, GPRS, and tire pressure monitoring to increase the availability of the equipment. The purchase cost is generally higher than the hidden and mini-portable.

Rear-view mirror-type cloud mirror: Integrate the system based on Android into the rear-view mirror-type driving recorder to install more third-party software to achieve the effect of a driving tablet computer. It also has the same rich expandability as the rear-view mirror driving recorder, and the purchase cost is generally the highest of the four recorders.

People also ask these questions

Is it worth buying a dash cam?

The simplest way to answer the question of whether dash cams are worth it, is yes. For a relatively small investment, a dash cam has the potential to prove your innocence in the event of an accent, or capture crucial evidence like a number plate of another vehicle that could lead to a conviction.

Does dash cam reduce insurance?

All leading motor insurers are now accepting dash cam footage as evidence to be used in the event of a claim, some insurers even offer annual discounts of up to 20% to drivers who use a dash cam.

best dash camera under $150

Are dash cams legal?

New South Wales: The Surveillance Devices Act 2007 means that you can record vision freely using a dashcam, as long as you have not installed it into a vehicle or premises that is not your own.

What should I look for in a 2021 dash cam?

Make sure the camera you're buying is at least 1080p, but higher resolution options are available if you want crisper video for noting finer details like driver faces. Night vision is a good feature to look for too, especially if you plan to use the dash cam for security when your vehicle is parked.

To sum up

Presumably you already have a certain understanding of the driving recorder. If you have any questions about this, please leave a message and discuss it together. It should be noted that the driving recorder is only a recording device, it does not have the role of preventing accidents. Moreover, there is no driving recorder that can effectively record the situation on both sides of the car with the current methods, so I still hope that friends drive civilly and pay attention to safety.