Hidden cameras are a very cool way to record animal activities when humans are not on the spot or at night. Most of the time, the hidden camera does not record anything really exciting. However, sometimes epic content is captured, which fully demonstrates the wonders of nature.

1. How can there be a bucket?

The antlers of this deer held a bucket, and it was placed exactly between the two antlers. However, it is not clear whether the deer waged a war against the barrel or filled it with delicacies to take home.

2. Why does grass grow on the antlers?

Sometimes something is trapped in the antlers and cannot be removed. This particular stag was photographed with a tumbleweed on its antlers. We hope this deer can find its companions to help it.

3. Run, the bear is coming!

If you see a bear rushing towards you, this is definitely a terrifying sight. Fortunately, this was discovered on a hidden camera. We want to know what this bear is chasing?

4. Wow! So many eyes are staring at you!

Although the deer is not particularly scary, this photo can definitely be considered scary. There are so many deer in this photo, all the deer are grouped together, it looks very scary. Moreover, it seems that they are all staring straight at the camera.

5. Do otters also like to steal fish?

Through the hidden camera, we can see the wonderful activities of animals in the natural environment. This photo is a good example. This is a hungry otter with a fish in its mouth, which is very unusual.

6. Is this owl crazy?

Few people usually see owls, which makes this photo even more spectacular. The camera perfectly captured an owl about to hit a deer. The owl should not try to prey on the deer overwhelmingly. Maybe the deer hinders the owl's real goal.

7. The battle of the eagle is definitely a symbol of strength!

The shooting of two vultures fighting is totally unbelievable.

8. Do animals also like to take selfies?

This photo is not only exciting, but also more interesting. Look, this raccoon is trying to take a selfie.

9. Free buffalo bus!

Buffalo is known as the Uber of the animal kingdom, and it is free. This photo taken is a good example. You will see a cat enjoying on the back of a buffalo.

10. The battle of a coyote and two deer

This is a spectacular photo that looks like a coyote fighting two deer. Even more incredible is that the two deer did not seem to be frightened by the ferocious face of the coyote. We can only consider what happens next.

11. This is definitely the speed and passion of the animal world!

The raccoon seemed to avoid the coyote's jaw effortlessly. In this sneaky escape, it seems that the hungry coyote will no longer eat raccoons for food today. We are very grateful for this quick-thinking raccoon to live again.