Trail cameras are usually use for wildlife monitoring or farm monitoring or hunting or home security. When you use,you will find  that trail camera is easily prone to theft or destoryed. Here’s tipes how to hide a trail camera from humans. 

Putting the camera on a high place, such as on a tree, etc., people generally do not keep their heads up when walking, especially in the wild, people will usually look in all directions for the sake of protecting their own safety.

Put it in a low place and it's easy to be spotte,which can be removed or destroyed with tools by people. Even encounter pranks.


Use the surrounding environment of the camera to disguise the camera. For example, if you want to install the camera in the woods, you can consider buying a green one before buying.

Or buy some camouflage patterns to help the camera blend with the bark on which you install it, because if you plan to leave the camera in the woods for a long time, the colors of leaves, bark, etc. may change when the season changes , use this little trick, you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore.

In this example, the camera in the picture is easy to spot:


It is also a good way to install the camera inside other objects. For example, if you want to observe smart animals such as birds on the roof, if you want to install a camera on your roof, it is easy to be spotted, you can put it in a bird feeder; another one option is to hide the camera in a fake rock in the yard or place it in a tree stump so that it will not be noticeable and use the natural environment as a disguise.

A better way is to buy a nested box. Naturalists and scientists sometimes install these boxes in the wild to monitor local wildlife, so the nest box may be an ideal place to install and camouflage your tracking camera.


The purpose of doing so many of the above methods is to prevent our cameras from being discovered and maliciously damaged, but it is difficult to avoid some deliberate people looking for other people's cameras.
In order to improve safety, we also need to find a way to make it difficult to damage or remove the camera even if it is found.

Some manufacturers will make the corresponding metal mounting box, locking mounting bracket, you can ask when you buy it.


If you really want to hide your trail camera from others, then it's worth using multiple suggestions from the list above.You can also share what tips you have!