With the improvement of people's safety awareness, home security has rapidly risen in smart homes and has become an important cornerstone of home intelligence. So, what is the current status of security development in smart homes? How will family security become the "guardian" of smart homes?

     Since ancient times, the family has been the foundation of people's lives, and family safety is the cornerstone of a happy and happy family life. This shows the importance of family security.

The relationship between home security and smart home

      In recent years, with the development of 5G technology and artificial intelligence technology, smart homes have become popular, and smart home devices in ordinary homes have begun to become popular. Home security systems including smart door locks, home cameras, and smart cat eyes have also begun to take root in the hearts of the people , which has been widely deployed and applied in many families. 

      From the perspective of the product itself, a complete home security system includes smart door locks, home cameras, smart peepholes, anti-theft alarm equipment, smoke alarm equipment, toxic gas detection equipment, etc., all of which belong to the category of smart home equipment . In addition to home security smart devices, smart speakers, smart TVs, smart air conditioners, etc. also belong to the smart home system; from the perspective of the system itself, the smart home system includes a home wiring system, a home network system, and a smart home (central) control and management system , Home lighting control system, home security system, background music system (such as TVC flat panel audio), home theater and multimedia system, home environment control system and other eight systems. Among them, smart home (central) control and management systems (including data security management systems), home lighting control systems, and home security systems are essential systems for smart homes.

     In other words, the relationship between home security and smart home, the former belongs to a part of the latter, the latter includes the former-smart home includes some smart devices in the home security system.

The development of AI technology accelerates the ntelligentization of home security

      Home security has gradually developed from the traditional camera single product to the smart door lock and smart doorbell in the door, and then to the situation of combining scene linkage with indoor security sensing. At the same time, it has gradually developed from the original single product application to a multi-product linkage application, so as to actively notify users of family abnormal alarm information at any time. And all these developments and changes stem from the maturity and landing of AI technology. 

       At present, in home security systems, AI technology is widely used in home security products, such as civilian cameras, smart door locks, smart peepholes, smart doorbells and other products, combined with audio and video technology to extend the application, so that audio and video products have the human-like ability, it can make recognition and judgments on moving objects, and track and record moving objects in real time. It can even identify the identities of family members and strangers, and can predict danger in advance.

      Most home security products are endowed with visualization and networking features, allowing products to perceive, act, think, and learn in application scenarios, and then enable products to truly enhance the intelligence capabilities of the scenarios and fully realize home security. At the same time, products are deployed in an all-round way around different areas of the home and different application scenarios, from door locks and doorbells at the door of the house, to indoor surveillance cameras, to door magnetic sensors on the balcony, infrared alarms, etc., to protect the safety of the home in all directions. 

      Although the global economy is greatly affectly by the new crown epidemic in 2020 or even now, for the home security market, home security products have greatly assisted the control of the epidemic.