Some people may not know ,in the European and American markets before, as a niche product, the driving recorder is not widely popular due to many reasons such as user behavior habits and legal supervision.With the popularity of cars, the dash camera is corresponding now a widely used electronic product.

Origin: road conditions, bumping porcelain and others

The arise of dash cameras in Taiwan, South Korea and Russia has a lot to do with the local traffic conditions. The popularization of cars makes bumps between cars often occur, and "porcelain bumping" are common in South Korea and Taiwan before also, which gave birth to the dash cameras.

In Taiwan, in addition to the popularization of automobiles, road traffic conditions, and the “porcelain bumping” factors, there is also a core factor that lies in the development of the media industry in Taiwan. In Taiwan. The dash camera has spawned a lot of news materials.

Current situation

What is the sight of the blossoming dash camera now?

1. Pre-installation: 
A common sense phenomenon is that electronic products in the automotive field usually lag behind consumer electronic products for a certain period of time. For example, when MP3 is commonly used in consumer products, CDs are only used in cars.
First of all, behind the phenomenon, it has a lot to do with the process of automobile production. Secondly, in addition to market demand and research and development cycles, cost factors are also the most important. When researching the market for pre-installation, each consumer preference will be evaluated and analyzed, and how much it will affect the market, etc. One by one, in order to save costs as much as possible, automobile modular design prevails, and the pressure of cost control by car manufacturers can be imagined.
Because of multiple factors such as development cycle, market expectations, and cost considerations, nowadays, the standard dash cam products with a single function are not pre-installed.

2. After-installation: 
For example, Shenzhen, one of bigest the gathering place of China's industry, has begun to plan the transformation from the "copycatting capital" to the "design capital" and then to the "innovation capital" from the official level.There are many good Chinese brands,such as Hikvision,Xiaomi etc,.
Because the product architecture and production process of the dash camera are simple, many chip vendors and solution vendors have already done it, and the rest is to assemble and change the shell.
Fortunately, the development of domestic after-installed dash camera is also developing.For example, the function has gradually surpassed the simple driving record of the past and moved towards integration, integrating "driving recorder + electronic dog + navigation" into one, and even a series of functions such as "driving recorder + electronic dog + navigation + real navigation" It is integrated into the rearview mirror products. In the integrated mode, the original driving recorder, a product with low unit price and low frequency, has become a product with high unit price and high frequency due to integration innovation.

The future is different

1. Pre-installation: 
In the future, the dash camera will be used as one of the components of the semi-automatic driving system to realize the effective coordination of the entire system and assist driving.

2. After-installation: 
For after-installation, dash camera products can already achieve functions such as integrated navigation, electronic warning, voice control, real scene, and rear view, and integrated products are not uncommon.
However, after-installation has always been more flexible and the innovation cycle is more controllable. For after-installation, to seize the time window, networking and ADAS are the trends.

In the end,pls allow me to introduce our a quite popular model-CE41 HD 1080P Dual Lens dash camera to new customer,below is customer experience video:

  • Display: 1.5 inch LCD
  • Resolution:1920*1080(Front)/1280*10800(Inside)
  • Front/Rear Lens: 170° and 140° with F/1.8 aperture 6-glass HD lens
  • Video Format: MOV
  • Screensaver: Yes
  • Audio Recording: Yes
  • Working Voltage: DC 5V/0.8A